Regular detailing (our recommendation is 1-2 Full Details a year) is great preventative maintenance that not only prolongs the life and resale value of your car, but also assists in protecting your car from the elements.

Interior and Exterior Small Cars (2 Door) Starting at $100, Large Cars/Small Suv $125, Regular Size Suv $150, Large Suv’s Trucks and Vans $200

Exterior Services Included

  • Hand Wash
  • Wheels and Tires Cleaned
  • Glass Cleaned
  • All Jambs Cleaned
  • Spray Wax
  • Tires Dressed

Interior Services Included

  • Through Vacuum
  • All Hard Surfaces Cleaned and Dressed
  • All Mats Cleaned
  • Trunk Vacuumed
  • Inside Glass Cleaned
  • Lite Spot Removal

A La Carte Services

  • Hot Water Extraction +$75
  • Synthetic Sealant +$25
  • Ceramic Wax +$50
  • Paint Correction +Call For Quote
  • GlassParency Windshield Coating+$100 (3 Year Warranty)
  • GlassParency Total Glass Coating +$225(3 Year Warranty)
  • Ceramic Coating+Call for Quote
  • Headlight Restoration +$25 each